Welcome, Rich White Oligarchs!

My friend Eric snapped this picture of The Daily Show billboard that is up near 494 and 77 to welcome those in for the RNC.

The Daily Show


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  1. FYI about Mr Stewart.

    I like John, but those in Glass Houses….

    Stewart may finally own that view. According to a New York Observer report, the 39-year-old King of Irreverence closed the purchase of his $2.6 million condo a couple months ago. The home itself isn’t quite as humble as the self-effacing comic. It reportedly includes a 1,500-square-foot terrace, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. And it’s located right off Fifth Avenue in downtown Manhattan.

    Stewart (born Jon Stewart Leibowitz) is the star of cable network Comedy Central and is said to be earning about $1.5 million a year. It’s a mighty salary for a cable star, but Stewart has proven to be one of the most valuable comic commodities around and was expected to be a promising replacement for Dave Letterman if ABC had successfully lured the Late Show host away.

  2. “I like John, but those in Glass Houses….”

    The fuck are you talking about? Since when are celebrities under the spotlight for how much they spend on their homes or anything they want?

    He could have spent $50,000,000 on a house and I doubt anyone would care about how he has spent HIS EARNED MONEY.

  3. When Stewart starts running for public office, I’ll start caring about how much he makes and what he does with it.

  4. Jason, do you know anything about housing prices in NYC? If Jon got a 1,500 square-foot condo (much less a condo with a 1500 sq-ft- terrace close to Fifth Avenue) for $2.6 million, he got it for a song. And, Jon may be rich and white, but he is NO oligarch, as he demonstrates nightly through his comedic talent.

  5. Jeez Jason Berglund, are you going to post what Rush Limpballs is making too?

    Wasn’t the Oxycotin King bringing in $3 million a year? Of course like most neocon shills, the hate radio queen has no one to spend it on. No Wife and No Children, he claims, (We are not including the little boys he visits in the Dominic Republic.).

    Or is it that proud liberals are not allowed to make money in your wacko world?

  6. I’m not sure if that’s true M. According to list list, it’s 6 of the top 10, and only 8 out of the top 15. So either get your facts right, or provide some evidence. But that’s not the Republican way, so no matter.

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